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Super Smash Bros U/3Ds Theory: Why hasn’t Sakurai announced Ness, Lucas, Capitan Falcon and Ganondorf.

As they did with Yoshi, i think there will be a big change on this characters, to not have similar attacks, Giving Ganondorf and Lucas a different moveset from Ness and Capitan Falcon, i think they will announce the 4 of them like they did with Sheik and Zero suit Samus, probably on this E3.

You are aware that marth is a boy, correct?

What the hell? Not cuz a girl has short hair and doesn’t dress up girly means she is a boy, we live in a society in which girls can dress the way they want, and sexism isn’t allowed.

The Super Smash Sisters!

I’m so glad Nintendo keeps adding female fighters to the smash, great characters with great personalities, and it makes the roster look better with more options to choose.

Why didn't you like the year of luigi?

As a Nintendo fanboy, i suffer when Nintendo suffers, 2013 wasn’t the best year for Nintendo, the Wii U did badly, poor Iwata kept apologizing, it was just a really not good year, it has nothing to do with Luigi, He is an awesome and loved character.